Save Money: The Change Game

Money laying on a surface, let's save it by playing the change game.

Save money by playing The Change Game, the best part is, you won’t even know you’re doing it.

Have you heard of The Change Game?

This is a great time of year to work on saving money, especially with Christmas right around the corner. This little tip is something our own money managers here at LIV More do! The Change Game game will help you save up without even realizing you’re doing it!

Ready to play?

The first thing you need is a jar or container of some kind. Wash out a spaghetti sauce or jelly jar, heck you can even use an old juice or milk container. This doesn’t have to cost anything, and as a matter of fact that would kinda defeat the whole purpose. Take a second to make it cute if that will help. Are you part of the LIV More family? If not make sure you sign up so you can get our free change jar printables later this week!

The Rules

#1: Whenever you buy something and pay with cash, do not use your change (this includes $1 dollar bills).

#2: When you get home, make sure to toss your change into your jar.

That’s it, the easiest game you’ve ever played, right?

Key elements of the game

According to, the key elements of the game are as follows:

  • “Tossing the coins into the jar is like acquiring a handful of points in a video game, complete with the validating ‘clink’ sound-effect.”
  • “Watching the level of the coins rise over time, can lead to a surprising sense of satisfaction and achievement.”
  • “There may be variability in this process, but you can influence that variability.” Meaning, you can change your behaviors to “rack up more points.”

Once you get into the game, there may be a point where you start paying for things more regularly with cash, just to get extra change! Plus most of us will never even miss that annoying change clinking around in our pockets or falling out of our wallets into the bottom of our purses.

The editors of actually saved $723 in 7 months. That’s amazing! I don’t know about you but we could do a lot with $723 extra dollars. Whatever your goal, turn it into a game, whether it be chores, getting up early, exercising, anything! If our brain thinks its a game, there is a better chance it will actually get done! We would love to see photos of your change jar, empty or full. Tag us on social media, our links are listed below!

Do you have other tips for saving money? We’d love to hear them, and you never know your tip could make a difference in someone else’s life!

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