Protection from Financial Scams

Older women sitting by herself, trying to figure out her finances on her own. Looking at paperwork to see if she's been scammed

Why does scamming have to be a thing? While financial scams affect all ages, those pesky scammers really prey on our aging population. The National Council on Aging (NCOA) actually says that “financial scams targeting seniors have become so prevalent they’re now considered ‘the crime of the 21st century.'” That is crazy!

Why? That was our question too.

Well, the NCOA suggests that it’s because seniors are thought to have a significant amount of money sitting in their accounts. We want to try to prevent these types of crimes, and at LIV More, we can help manage, monitor, track, and review what’s coming into your account, and what’s coming out!

Let’s talk about the potential scams out there.

The National Council on Aging has a whole article listing and talking more in-depth about the top 10 scams, so we will list them here, but be sure to check out their article (we will link it below) to get a more in-depth look at these scams targeting seniors.

  1. Medicare or health insurance scams
  2. Counterfeit prescription drugs
  3. Funeral and cemetery scams
  4. Fraudulent anti-aging products
  5. Telemarketing and phone scams
  6. Internet fraud
  7. Investment schemes
  8. Homeowner/reverse mortgage scams
  9. Sweepstakes and lottery scams
  10. The grandparent scam

If you or a loved one would like help preventing fraud, managing money, setting up a budget, writing checks, paying bills, reach out to us. That’s what we’re here for. Our money managers can do all the things listed above, and more, all while you maintain full control of your money!

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