Are you worried about your ability or the ability of an aged love one to manage the finances? Are your bills piling up? Are you seeing a log of unopened mail at a loved one’s home? Or late notices? 


• Cannot keep track of bills and financial documents

• Often forget to pay bills

• Cannot write checks because of arthritis or other health problems

• Have trouble getting to the bank

• Can no longer manage money or finances, or

• Are susceptible to financial scams

It can be hard to talk to a loved one about finances. Or maybe you live far away from your loved one and managing your own finances, which makes managing the hands on money management for your loved one difficult. At LIV More, we want to help you maintain your independence or the independence of a loved one. We understand what a burden managing finances, mail, healthcare and living expenses and monthly bills can be. We can to help you stay organized and reduce the burden on you and your family. 


• Help you remain independent

• Avoid financial ruin or losing your home

• Protect against scams

• Keep on top of expenses

• Create and maintain a budget

• Monitor accounts for unusual activity

• Balance checkbooks

• Assist with paying bills and writing checks

• Keep accurate and easy to read records

• Monitor medical and monthly bills

Choosing the right person to manage your money is hard. We have the experience, expertise and understanding to put you at ease. With over 20 years of experience in caring for aged and disabled individuals.