Don’t be afraid to say no

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In today’s world, we are constantly asked to donate. Even in the grocery store check-out line. And fundraisers …tis the season for fundraisers. School fundraisers, charity fundraisers, donations for this and donations for that. With the holidays right around the corner, it is amazing to be able to give, especially to those who are less fortunate, however, it’s ok to say no.

We totally get it, saying no can be hard. Especially if it’s a kid coming to your door selling something to raise money for their school or an organization/charity that you are passionate about, but it is important to make sure you’re needs are met as well.


  • GIVE YOURSELF RULES. Knowing what causes you want to donate to, and what causes you don’t is a great place to start.
  • KNOW HOW MUCH YOU ARE ABLE TO GIVE. Don’t stretch yourself too thin.
  • DO YOUR RESEARCH. There are so many wonderful charities and organizations to donate to, so if you’re going to give your hard-earned money make sure it’s to someone or somewhere you trust.
  • TAKE YOUR NEEDS INTO ACCOUNT. You and your family have needs, and it’s okay to put those needs first.


Unless you’re a two-year-old toddler, who runs around saying no just because, then saying no can be hard. But a simple “No thank you” when asked to donate your money or time is okay. If you feel like you need to say more, here are a couple of options:

“Thanks, but I’m not interested.”

“This sounds like a great cause, but I can’t at this time.”

Just be honest, don’t ignore or be rude, and there is no reason to feel like you have to explain yourself. Just thank the person for asking, respectfully decline and move on.

But, it’s selfish to not donate, right?

No, it is never selfish to consider your needs and the needs of your family first. And if someone asking for the donation thinks you’re being selfish then chances are it’s probably not an organization you should donate too in the first place.

But what about donating my time?

That’s awesome, donate your time, if you have time to spare. This can be a great way to help without having to give financially, but if you’re stressed about taking care of your own responsibilities, then don’t stress yourself out more by taking on someone else’s responsibilities.


Donating doesn’t have to be a financial contribution, it can be giving your time or expertise. It can also be giving something you no longer need. Here are some ideas for giving without breaking the bank:

  • CLEAN OUT THE CLOSETS – Especially with the change in seasons, now could be a great time to go through the closets in your home. If there’s something you haven’t used in the last 6 months to a year, donate it.
    • TIP: Turn all the hangers in your closets around, (yep, backwards) after you wear an item, hang it back up the way you normally would. Set a reminder in your phone for 6 months. If there are still hangers that are backwards, chances are you’re not going to wear those items. Donate, donate, donate.
  • TOY PURGE – With the Christmas season rapidly approaching, it’s a great time to go through the kid’s toys and get rid of the things they no longer play with or use.
  • RAISE AWARENESS – With social media, it is easy to raise awareness and talk about a charity or organization you’re passionate about. Share events, or a blog about that organization. Making others aware is a great way to donate and it’s like a free advertisement for them!
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