Being Organized and Why it’s Important.

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Being organized is important in everyone’s life, no matter your age. For the elderly, being organized can be the key to how well they can function independently.

Our physical limitations such as poor memory, illness, attachment to how things used to be or simply not wanting to ask for help may stand in the way of simplifying and downsizing. So we’re here to help! Trying to simplify? Here are a few steps to get that process started. Need some help or motivation? We, at LIV More would be happy to help!

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We’ve also got a free printable to help keep medications organized not only for your loved one but so you can see what medications should be taken when, and who to call if there are questions. Enjoy!

Simplify Your Environment

Start slowly by going through every room, one by one. Take your time, and sort through the contents of every closet, shelf, drawer etc and clear out the unused and unwanted items. The things you are no longer using may be just what someone else is looking for or needing. Sell things at a garage sale or list them on a local garage sale site. The bigger things like furniture can be listed in the newspaper for only a few dollars, or donate your un-needed things to a local charity. There are plenty of options to give back to those in need.

Do you have pots and pans that are too heavy to lift? Do you have things that are stored too high or too low for you to easily access? Or things that are pushed clear to the back of a cabinet that are always impossible to reach? If it’s something you would use, clearing out some of the things you don’t need can make room for the things you would like to use but can’t get to!

Here’s our free printable called 10 Helpful Tips for Getting Aging Adults Organized.

Wanting Independence

We all want and strive to be independent, especially our aging loved ones. The more organization and order we can bring into their environment can help keep them functional. Visibility and accessibility are key!

Being Helpful While Helping

Huh? What does this mean? This means we are trying to help, not take over. So while you’re helping to simply your loved ones’ life and things, remember to respect his or her wishes. Many people don’t like to ask for help, especially from their children, so be aware of their needs and wishes.

Dreaded Paper Clutter

There is so much paper in our lives, and this is increasingly the case as we get older. Outdated papers, receipts, notices, insurance paperwork, all of these things can create confusion when not sorted and taken care of regularly. Managing checkbooks and making financial decisions can also become overwhelming. Eliminate the unnecessary documentation and set up a system for keeping the things you need.

If you’re needing help managing your mail, insurance, and just life in general check out LIV Health, our sister company, they offer in-home and community-based counseling and case management.

Are you looking for help with money management? That is also something we, at LIV More, can help with. Our money managers can help balance the checkbook, write checks, pay bills all while you maintain control of your finances. We’re happy to help with budgeting and online banking too!

Do these tasks with your loved one present. It can provide a mutually rewarding opportunity to spend meaningful time together, and get to know and appreciate one another in new ways.

However, be aware that even good feelings can diminish and turn into constant bickering. Getting frustrated? Take a break and realize you may be, tired, overwhelmed, saddened or your loved one’s sense of dignity and/or feelings may have been hurt somewhere along the way.

If you need help or advice on any of the things we’ve mentioned, reach out, we’re here and would be happy to answer any questions you or your loved one may have!

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